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The University of Padua is located in Padua, the capital of the province of Padua in the Veneto region, and was founded in 1222. It is the second-oldest university in Italy and the fifth-oldest in the world. The original intention is to advocate and defend academic and teaching freedom. Galileo taught at the University of Padua from 1592 to 1610. Elena L. Cornaro-Piscopia received her doctorate at the University of Padua in 1678. Became the world’s first female PhD graduate.
According to data from the Census institute in 2022. The school ranks second in the mega Ateneo statali 2022/2023 ranking among Italian higher education institutions. In addition, in the 2022 U.S. News World University Rankings, the University of Padua ranks first in Italy. 115th in the world; and the 2022 data of ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities) shows that the school is one of the best 200 universities in the world. In the 2019 Times Higher Education University “Impact Rankings”. The University of Padua ranks 16th globally.

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Founded in 1222, the University of Padua is second only to the University of Bologna and the University of Paris in Europe. It is the third oldest university in Italy and one of the largest in the country. In the early 13th century, the University of Bologna restricted academic freedom. Therefore, a large number of professors and students broke away from the University of Bologna and established the University of Padua.
The university existed in the form of a “free scholars’ organization” in the early days. Students are grouped by origin and based on this, the school chapter is adopted, the principal is elected, and teachers are recruited. Faculty salaries are funded by student donations. Since then, defending academic freedom has become the spiritual core of the University of Padua. Never forgotten in the school’s 800-year history. The University of Padua still practices the school motto “For Padua. Universal Patavina Libertas”.
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