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The Aberystwyth University of Wales, originally known as the University College of Wales, was the first formal university established in Wales. In 1880, the Royal Heraldry awarded the University of Alberta coat of arms. In 1894, it joined the University of Wales Union as a founding school. Renamed the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. On September 1, 2007, Abel took the lead in announcing that he would break away from the Welsh University Alliance and award degrees independently in the name of Abel University.
Aberystwyth University, which values knowledge and academics, is an important institution of higher learning in Wales. It is also an important research university in the UK and enjoys a high reputation all over the world. Aberystwyth University has the largest School of International Relations in the UK and the first established School of International Relations in the world. and the first law school in Wales. The Department of Celtic Studies and the Department of International Relations rank first in the UK. 1st in Wales for Computing Studies.

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Research is an important part of Aberdeen University’s work, and the school has excellent facilities and resources. Including four well-stocked school libraries. Electronic information resources that are accessible across disciplines. The resources of the renowned National Library of Wales are within easy reach. All these provide strong support for the school’s research activities. The school has a long history in carrying out research activities, including many cutting-edge scientific research projects at the national or world level. The school is also world-renowned for its research excellence. Abel University ranks 8th among the 101 characteristic universities in the UK and is one of the 10 best research universities in the UK.