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Arizona State University is one of the most famous public research universities in the United States. It has been named the most innovative university in the United States by U.S. News and World Report for seven consecutive years. The school currently consists of four campuses in the Phoenix metropolitan area and a teaching site in Lake Havasu City. The total number of students has reached more than 120,000. The school is not only about high-quality education. At the same time, it is fully considered for graduate students, whether they choose to continue their studies or directly obtain employment. Arizona State University will provide you with a wealth of resources to help students transition smoothly.
Arizona State University and Harvard University. Stanford University and the University of Chicago are the only four universities in the United States that have won the Roche Scholarship at the same time. A world-renowned school for Marshall Scholarship and Churchill Scholarship scholars.
Every ASU campus offers a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree and Ph.D. At the same time, Arizona State University offers 41 degrees online. 37 postgraduate degrees and 14 postgraduate certificates. It is one of the top ten universities with the best online education programs in the United States.
The year 2014. Arizona State University successfully acquired the Thunderbird School of Global Management, which was once known as “the first school of international management education”. The acquisition may further enhance Arizona State University’s international influence and globalization.