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Arizona State University referred to as ASU, is one of the five largest and best “university towns” in the United States. How much for a Fake ASU Diploma? Where to order the ASU University Fake Degree? Buy ASU Fake Certificate, Buy ASU Official Transcript. Founded in 1885, it is located in Tempe, a university city 11 miles away from the state capital Phoenix. ASU has 18 colleges and 12 schools. There are 150 undergraduate majors, as many as 97 master’s degree majors, and 52 doctoral degree majors. ASU has 606 “National Outstanding Scholars”, ranking eighth among all universities in the United States. Ranked third among public universities in the United States.
In December 2014, Arizona State University successfully acquired Thunderbird School of Global Management. Founded in 1946, Thunderbird is known as “the first school of international management education”. It is a well-known old business school in the world.

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As a world-class public research university, Arizona State University has been at the forefront of American research universities for many years. The school has been named the most innovative university by U.S. News and World Report for six consecutive years. As a model of the “New American University” model, Arizona State University has continuously increased its investment in teaching method reform. Integrate on-campus education with online teaching through digital technology. Nearly 250 online courses have been launched to constantly enhance the level of teachers and teaching quality of online degree education. Thereby promoting the further development of equalization of global higher education resources. Help more people receive higher education. Every year, the school spends about 700 million US dollars on related scientific research and education.
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