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Let’s think about this scenario:
When you joined the company at the same time, you only got a meager income as a bachelor, while the monthly salary of a master is several hundred dollars higher than yours.
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Joined the company at the same time, you are a college student, you are only trained as a basic employee according to the normal process; but as an undergraduate, you are a management trainee, and you are the key training object;
This is not fair. In fact, there are many similar injustices in the workplace, but it just proves the importance of education. Let’s take a look today, in what ways does education play an important role? Just open the recruitment software and you can see that even many more standardized companies have not only set wages according to academic qualifications, but set the threshold at a bachelor’s degree.
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Especially for college students who have just graduated, before you have a job, a diploma represents your strength in the student stage. If you make this diploma more powerful, then at the university level, you have to use seven or eighty-eight certificates to prove your ability. Even when many units go to recruit, they still have to choose a school. With the same undergraduate diploma, well-known schools are more popular than unknown schools.