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BAU is a private educational institution in Turkey, located near the Bosphorus in Istanbul. The Turkish National Assembly authorized the Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Foundation in 1998 to establish BAU University. February 1998 Signed an academic and strategic agreement with San Diego State University in California, USA. The admission of the first students took place after the first entrance examination (ÖSYS) in the 1999-2000 academic year. ] The university is one of the few universities in Turkey that teach English. Therefore, students applying for BAU need to have a high level of English. fake BAU diplomas, buy BAU fake degrees.
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The University consists of 8 Faculties, 1 Language Faculty, and 2 Vocational Faculties. Four institutes offer postgraduate education. There are 17,048 registered students, 10,137 undergraduates, 4,716 postgraduates, 1,072 junior college students, 1,047 academicians giving lectures at the school, and 506 management personnel working at the school. There are 4 campuses in Istanbul. The BAU University Library covers 1400 square meters and offers 250,000 publications, books, and e-books. Five different cafes and restaurants serve the campus. The total audience capacity of the conference hall is 1000 people.

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