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In 1949, the King Edward VII Medical College and Raffles College merged to form the University of Malaya.  University of Malaya in Singapore became independent as the University of Singapore.  Buy the fake National University of Singapore degrees online. How to buy a fake diploma online, how to get a fake diploma from the National University of Singapore?
There are 17 colleges at the National University of Singapore. Distributed in three major campuses in Kent Ridge, Bukit Timah, and Outram in Singapore. Offers a broad range of courses across disciplines and faculties. There are 12 overseas colleges around the world.
According to the official website of the school in April 2015. The school is well recognized for its research strength in engineering, life sciences and biomedicine, social sciences, and natural sciences. Among them, in 2013, the school had more than 2,400 active researchers. Nearly 8,000 papers have been published in international journals, and external research funding has exceeded US$589 million.

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It has soared in the rankings of international institutions of higher learning in recent years. It has become a top university in the Asia-Pacific region. Since its founding, NUS has become a global university in Singapore with advantages in education, research and business. There are more than 20,000 undergraduates and 7,000 graduate students from 100 different countries in the school. NUS also has close teaching and research partnerships with 14 national, 20 university-level and 80 college-level research institutes and research centers. There are 11 national-level research centers and 11 university-level research centers all over the campus, creating a strong research atmosphere. These research centers work closely with industries such as manufacturing, IT and biosciences. It has truly achieved “applying what you have learned” and inspired students’ entrepreneurial spirit.