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The Open University of Malaysia is abbreviated as OUM. It is the seventh private university in Malaysia, owned by Multimedia Technology Enhanced Operations (METEOR) Sdn Bhd. A consortium of 11 Malaysian public universities. It draws on the quality, prestige and capabilities of its consortium. Where Can I Buy OUM Fake Diploma? Buy OUMDiploma Fake OUM fake certificate, buy OUM diploma, buy fake diploma, fake diploma, best fake diploma maker free.
The main campus is located at Menara OUM, Kelana Center Point Kelana Jaya. In addition to this, there are more than 30 study centers in Malaysia, 10 of which are regional study centers.
The Open University of Malaysia offers junior college, undergraduate, master and doctoral courses, the main majors are early childhood education, human resource management, information technology, Islamic studies and education, management, teaching methods, accounting, nursing science, occupational health and safety management, projects and equipment Management, Tourism Management, Political Science, Psychology, English Studies, Pedagogy – Teaching English as a Second Language, Pedagogy – Educational Management and Communication, etc. The digital library of the Open University of Malaysia has a collection of nearly 100,000 e-books and a large number of academic journals.

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