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Rome Business School is a private business school and research institute located in Rome, Italy. Rome Business School has teaching programs such as a Master’s Degree, MB).
The main campus of the school is located in Rome, Italy, and its alumni come from more than 140 countries. Rome Business School’s mission is to help entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals realize the full potential of their abilities. To advance their ethical practices in business and work so that they can contribute to economic human development and more prosperous and just societies in which the central role played by the individual is recognized and valued.

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Rome Business School programs offer the flexibility to take courses online at the Rome campus or use the latest generation of distance learning tools. But active throughout Italy and internationally, Rome Business School gives graduates, professionals, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their competence in management disciplines based on the best international standards. Thereby helping them to become competitive in the employment, professional, and entrepreneurial markets. At the same time, the school will provide postgraduate students with opportunities to practice in many well-known European companies.