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How to order the Duke University Fake Diploma? Where to Buy the Duke University Fake Degree, Buy Duke University Fake Certificate, Buy Duke University Fake Transcript.  It is a member of the Pacific Rim University Alliance, Universitas 21, the World University Alliance, the Asia-Pacific International Education Association, and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.
It not only has a long history but also has the most advanced science and technology and teaching methods. The number of students in the school is more than 40,000, including 31,000 undergraduates, 8,000 masters, and 3,000 doctors, of which 6,000 are overseas students. from more than 100 countries around the world. But because the University of Auckland enjoys a high reputation around the world. Outstanding students from Australia and New Zealand go to the University of Auckland after, and the number of international students is very limited. It is difficult to win admission positions, and learning opportunities are very valuable. In addition, there are nearly 5,000 faculty members. The University of Auckland warmly welcomes students from all over the world and has accepted international students for more than 40 years.

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university advantage

  1. Outstanding professional advantages, a complete range of majors, and a public university directly under the jurisdiction of the New Zealand government;
  2. Domestic students who have obtained an IELTS score of 6.5 and completed the freshman course with an average score of 80% can be directly admitted to some of the best eight New Zealand public universities such as the University of Auckland, such as literature and business, engineering, and medicine. Professional needs higher requirements;
  3. The first batch of formal universities recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies and consulates abroad;
  4. A high proportion of undergraduate graduates from the University of Auckland apply to the top eight universities in Australia and the top 20 graduate schools in the United States every year.