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Purdue University West Lafayette also translates to Purdue University West Lafayette. The flagship campus of Purdue University in the American public university system. Founded in 1869 in Indiana. West Lafayette. The school is a founding member of the Big Ten Alliance and a member of the Association of American Universities. The school focuses on science and engineering, business, and social sciences, and does not have a medical school or a law school.
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Purdue University is famous for its engineering, and the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge were built by Purdue teachers and students. Purdue University has 13 Nobel Prize winners. Deng Jiaxian, the father of China’s two bombs, Liang Sili, the first-generation rocket expert, Chen Xuejun, and Wang Buxuan, the founders of thermal engineering, graduated here.
Purdue University is the first university in the United States to have its own airport. It is also the university that trains the most American astronauts. Both Armstrong and Eugene Cernan graduated here, and more than 1/3 of NASA’s (National Space Administration) missions have participated in Purdue alumni. Purdue University opened the first computer science department in an American university in 1962. In addition, Purdue’s College of Agriculture, College of Pharmacy, College of Veterinary Medicine, and College of Technology are all ranked among the top ten in the United States.

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The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 ranks AUT in the top 1% of universities in the world. Global influence (that is, the frequency with which university academic research is cited by the world’s leading academic journals) ranks first in New Zealand. International outlook (that is, the ability of universities to attract international students and staff, and the degree of contact and cooperation with overseas research institutions) New Zealand ranked first.
Auckland University of Technology has 5 university departments, 16 colleges, and more than 60 research institutes and research centers.
Auckland University of Technology has always adhered to the teaching philosophy of practically seeking knowledge, cultivating innovative consciousness, and focusing on the close combination of theory and practice. How to Buy the Purdue University System Fake Diploma? Buy PU Fake Degree, Buy PU Fake Certificate, Buy PU Fake Transcript online.
Students at Auckland University of Technology come from 137 countries and regions around the world. And more than half of the teaching staff have overseas backgrounds. Most of them have many years of relevant industry experience and teaching experience, and most of them have taught at other universities around the world for many years. Austrian Institute of Technology will also regularly invite professors and scholars from other famous universities in the world, as well as industry leaders, to come for guest teaching, speeches, and exchanges. At the same time, some professors of the Austrian Institute of Technology will also serve as visiting professors. In the form of teaching exchanges, students go to other well-known universities, such as Cambridge University, for academic exchanges.