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Boston University is located in the birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston, the largest city in New England, where the British Puritans first landed in the New World.
There are 56 institutions in this district, including Harvard University. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other famous schools and many music and art professional colleges.
Boston University has a convenient location and a public transportation system MBTA in transportation. Including subways, trams, buses, and trains.
Boston is the capital and largest city of Massachusetts. There are quite a few historical monuments to visit. Academic resources are also quite rich.
Boston is a city with a strong academic atmosphere and an artistic and cultural atmosphere. Also an ancient port.
Many well-known artists and cultural workers are from here. Boston University just took advantage of geography. In the bustling city, countless outstanding students have been achieved.
The campus is quiet amidst the hustle and bustle, and the transportation is convenient, with the subway running across the campus. Adjacent to the Charles River, it is a university with an ideal learning environment. The number of Chinese students studying at Boston University is increasing year by year. According to a survey in 1995, the number of Chinese international students accounted for third place among the foreign students of Boston University. Second only to Japan and Kuwait; and according to statistics in 2007, Chinese students have already accounted for the first among international students.