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Teesside University is committed to delivering academically stimulating, high-quality taught courses. And lay a solid foundation for students in their future careers. As the winner of the “Times Higher Education” 2009-2010 Best University in the UK. Teesside University has become the first British emerging university to receive this honor since the award was born. The university is also one of the few universities in the UK that has won eight ‘National Teaching Awards’. The award aims to inspire universities with excellence in teaching and learning. The selection criteria include the university’s teaching quality, social life, and good relationship with enterprises. Get a fake TU diploma.

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The 2010 statistical results of the survey ranked our school as the first among emerging universities in England. The 2008 National Student Survey (NSS) shows. University learning resources and IT resources enjoyed by students rank third in the UK. Second only to Oxford and Cambridge. In terms of overall student satisfaction on the International Student Barometer. The university won the top three in the UK for three consecutive years in 2008, 2009, and 2010. The survey results of the famous British university evaluation website show that students believe that the university is the best in the UK in terms of teaching facilities. In terms of course satisfaction, more than 82% of students are quite satisfied with the course. Some courses even reached 100% satisfaction.
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