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Founded in 1957, the University College of Birmingham (UCB), formerly known as Birmingham School of Hotel and Tourism Management, is the only institution of higher learning in the UK that specializes in training talents in tourism, catering, and entertainment management. It mainly focuses on retailing, catering management, and tourism. Management and other disciplines are world-renowned. UCB is an affiliated college of the University of Birmingham, so all undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are awarded by the University of Birmingham.

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The university is located in the center of Birmingham, the second largest city in the UK, close to busy conference and hotel areas, such as the National Chamber Theater and the International Conference Center are all within a few steps. The tourist, shopping, and business districts in the city are also within walking distance from the school apartment.

The university has always focused on providing education for the hospitality, tourism, leisure, and service industries. The majors are tourism management, business, cooking management, education, exhibition management, food, and consumer management, food retail management, food market management, media, tourism management, market management, club management, sports management, sports therapy, and tourism recuperation management.

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UCB has excellent teaching and research facilities, including a library, student resource center, modern language center, health and beauty salon, food and beverage testing laboratory, audio-visual production room and theater. The school library has the largest hotel management and tourism journal center in the UK, with a large number of professional materials, online data and network system information. The student union has football, rowing, skiing and mountaineering clubs, and the health and leisure club has weightlifting areas, cardiovascular training rooms and aerobic performance halls.

The university provides modern purpose-built student dormitory buildings, providing study and bedroom single rooms and shared kitchens and bathrooms. The halls of residence are centrally located, close to colleges, shops, bars, restaurants, and train and coach stations.

How much for a Fake University College Birmingham Diploma? How to get the UCB Bachelor of Arts Degree? Buy UCB Master’s Degree online. The College offers a six-month International Foundation Year for students who have completed secondary education and want to pursue higher education. Students who have completed the International Foundation Program can directly apply to study in the National Higher Education Diploma (College) program or study for an undergraduate degree program. Students who have obtained a formal diploma (National Higher Diploma) and have practiced in the hotel management industry for 12 months can directly enter the final year of the Bachelor of Hotel Management and can continue to enroll in a one-year master’s degree program after obtaining the degree.