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Bangor University; Welsh: Prifysgol Bangor is one of the UK’s leading universities. Founded in 1884, the school has been committed to excellence in academic teaching and research for more than 130 years. It is one of the member institutions of the Commonwealth University of Wales. In September 2007, it became independent from the University of Wales and is one of the important universities in Wales.
More than 20 related departments of Bangor University belong to the four colleges. In recent years’ department evaluations, Bangor University’s Department of Marine Science is not only the largest in the UK. And won the title of National Excellent Professional Center, the university also opened a unique environmental science major. These include forestry science, agricultural resource management, and environmental ecology.

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Banking accounting and management courses at the Bangor University of Wales are recognized worldwide. Its correspondence course in business administration is even more acclaimed. The Departments of Electronic Engineering, Chemistry, and Psychology are distinguished by innovative teaching and research.
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