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The school has 31,987 students, 5,200 continuing education students, and 1,500 administrative and technical library and other teaching assistants. The school has 99 research teams, 86% of which are recognized by professional qualifications; in terms of research and research practice training, the school has 9 doctoral graduate schools, with an average of 300 doctoral dissertations each year; 2800 published articles reviewed by the editorial review committee; 2900 Conference academic papers, abstracts, lectures; 50 academic conferences. How much for a Fake Université Toulouse III Diploma? Where to order the Université Toulouse III Fake Degree? Buy Université Toulouse III Fake Certificate, Buy Université Toulouse III Official Transcript. Buy an ESIEE diploma online.
Bachelor’s degree: The school provides education courses in 8 fields: mathematics, computer information, and its application; engineering; physics, chemistry and its application; cosmic science, organism, and biosphere; life and medical health science; sports science and technology; organization Manage and disseminate communications.

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Master’s degree: The school provides education courses in 6 fields: information and system modeling science; materials and energy science and technology; space science; life and medical health science; humanities and social science; management. Certain professional-level programs are especially suitable for foreign students (bilingual teaching programs), for example, European Master Program: “Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion”; International Master Program: “Microtechnology and Nanotechnology for Wireless Communications”; Master Course: “Agri-Food Chain: Sustainable Agriculture and Quality Product Innovation”.
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