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The University of Geneva conducts more than 240-degree education and about 150 continuing education programs in different disciplines every year. Before the 2005 academic year, the university adopted the French degree system. That is, the degree is divided into three levels: Bachelor (Licence), Advanced Advanced Study Diploma (DEA), and Doctorat (Doctorate). After that, according to the spirit of the “Bologna Declaration” signed by the ministers of education of 29 European countries. The university’s degree system is gradually in line with European countries. The University of Geneva enjoys an international reputation. It is a member of the European Research University Alliance, which brings together 23 of the best research universities in Europe.
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In 2005-2006, the main body of the university had a total of 13,182 registered students. Among them, foreign students accounted for 37% (from 131 countries and regions, with the most students from France, Italy, and Spain). With 3,263 teachings and research staff, the scale is second only to the University of Zurich, ranking second in Switzerland and first in the French-speaking region. Students need to pay a “university tax” of 500 Swiss francs per semester to take the exam. The University of Geneva also has a history of more than 400 years.  It has become the university with the largest number of students in Switzerland after the University of Zurich. Its psychology and biology enjoy a high reputation in the world. The school provides students with a variety of professional choices in basic subjects and also provides many advanced training programs for in-service personnel.

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The school is located in the center of Geneva, an internationally renowned cultural heritage site, and pays attention to the way of thinking of students, the teaching level of teachers, and the dialogue and communication between teachers and students. Students come from 137 different countries around the world, and it is the second-largest school in Switzerland. It is also the school with the highest percentage of girls among Swiss universities. Just like the city of Geneva where it is located. The University of Geneva is also a university with a worldwide reputation. It is renowned for its excellence in research (ranking among the top schools in the European Union of Research Universities) and teaching. In addition, the school cooperates with numerous Swiss national organizations as well as international organizations based in Geneva such as the World Health Organization. The International Telecommunication Union, the International Red Cross Society and the European Organization for Nuclear Research have established close cooperative relations. This is also one of the important factors for its success.
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