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Located in the northern suburbs of Toronto, Canada, York University is the third-largest comprehensive university in Canada and a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. Get the York University Fake Degree? Make a York University Fake Diploma, and Order a York University Fake Transcript. Where to Buy the York University Fake Certificate?
The university was founded in 1959 when York University was considered a branch of the University of Toronto with just 76 students. Now the site is spacious, covering a total area of 635 hectares, which can be described as “endless as far as the eye can see”. The school has complete facilities, with 11 colleges and 24 research centers, more than 50,000 students, and nearly 5,000 faculty members.
Osgoode School of Law was established in 1889 and merged with York University in 1968, which has had an important impact on Canadian legal education. Osgoode Hall Law School is one of the largest and oldest law schools in Canada. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for students, as well as professional graduate programs and advanced legal education programs for practicing lawyers.

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