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In 2013, the school gained university status and changed its name to the Royal Agricultural University. It is a forward-looking and dynamic school. The Royal Agricultural University has established a Faculty of Agriculture, a Faculty of Business, and a Faculty of Rural Economic Development and Land Management. Includes more than 40 career-focused majors. At present, there are two categories of agriculture and business, among which there are many majors in agriculture. And most of them are practical. Business management is also mostly related to agriculture. Such as real estate management, farm/ranch management, etc.

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RAU’s expertise and highly skilled staff enable it to offer a wide range of undergraduate courses. Graduate degree programs and professional training programs. The employment rate of university graduates is very high, which is partly due to the strong industrial chain of the Royal Agricultural College. Not resting on its laurels, the Royal Agricultural University regularly hires outstanding new teachers. The curriculum is constantly reviewed and updated, and new programs and the latest technology are constantly being applied. The school’s facilities have been greatly enhanced. The Royal Agricultural University also provides a center for research activities for teachers and students.
The Royal Agricultural College is a world-leading university. As a leading university, the Royal Agricultural College has established more than 40 key professional careers. Buy RAU fake diploma online, buy RAU transcripts, fake Royal Agricultural University degree. These include Agriculture, Business Faculty and Rural Economic Development and Land Management. The Royal Agricultural College (Royal Agricultural College) is known as “Oxbridge in the countryside”. It is the first agricultural university in English-speaking countries. There are three faculties. Recruit and train undergraduate and postgraduate students in agriculture, business, rural economics and land management.