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Higher Education Non-Profit Private Universities:
It is a coeducational, large-scale higher education, not-for-profit private university. The botanical garden on campus has been officially recognized by the famous horticultural society American Public Garden Association in 1985. And now it has become one of the 439 botanical gardens in the United States.

Campus publications are at the leading level:
Hofstra University in the United States has developed many authoritative journals that are at the leading level in the United States and internationally. For example, 20th-century literature and medieval Iberian studies. And in the International Business and Law or Fustra Labor and Employment classes among the institutions.

Strong reputation for Shakespeare studies:
Hofstra University has a strong reputation for Shakespeare studies. The school has always housed the Globe Theatre, where the annual theater festival is held. It has a long history of half a century until now.

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At present, 12 colleges have been opened at Hofsrat University.  and some other schools. Where to Buy a Hofstra University Business School Degree, Order the Hofstra University Official Transcript. Mainly introduce two characteristic colleges.

School of Business:
This college can provide students with many advantageous majors, and also has excellent teachers, rich educational resources, and industry-leading teaching equipment. In addition to these, it can also provide students with many courses, such as finance, marketing or information systems. No matter which course you choose, it is a very good choice.

School of Media:
The teaching equipment in the college is world-class, mainly to cultivate students’ practical experience. At present, the School of Communication already has the largest broadcasting equipment in the Northeast of the United States, and can also provide students with newsrooms and multimedia classrooms. At this time, students can broadcast in print and on the Internet.