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University of Cyprus (Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου) “UCY”. Established in 1989, it is a public comprehensive university located in Cyprus. The school is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities.
Since September 2005, the university credit system has been based on the European credit transfer accumulation system. Buy the University of Cyprus diploma in Cyprus. How to purchase the University of Nicosia diploma.
Those who can take the Cyprus University Entrance Examination are citizens of Cyprus or have at least one parent of Cypriot origin. Prospective students graduate from a six-year high school. Many positions are awarded to people with disabilities or special needs.
Diaspora Greeks and Cypriots belonging to specific religious groups established by the Cyprus Constitution repatriated Cypriots and Cypriots with permanent residency in other countries. A limited number of places (3% of admitted Cypriot students) can apply for GCSE or GCE or other equivalent examinations. Turkish Cypriots holding a six-year high school diploma are eligible for admission through special examinations prescribed by universities.
Study programs at the University of Cyprus are credit-based. One credit generally corresponds to one 50-minute “lesson” per week per term. To graduate from the University, students must successfully complete the 120 credits stated in the departmental curriculum, which must include at least 12-15 credits of free electives in faculties outside the main field of study. In addition to the 120 credits, students must complete 6 to 9 credits of the university’s foreign language requirement.