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جامعة قطر, English: Qatar University is located in the north of Doha, Qatar. It is a national comprehensive university in the country, which was expanded by the Qatar Institute of Education. How to Buy the Qatar University Fake Diploma? Where to order the Qatar University Fake Degree? Buy Qatar University Fake Certificate, Buy Qatar University Fake Transcript. Make fake diplomas in Qatar. Buy a fake diploma online.
The school mainly uses English and Arabic for teaching and has nearly 10,000 students. The school has complete teaching facilities such as laboratories, reading rooms, and experimental farms.
Qatar University currently has the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Islam, the Faculty of Arts and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Science and Technology, and the Faculty of Engineering.

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Qatar University’s international status

  1. One of the 15 degree-granting institutions under the jurisdiction of the BC Ministry of Higher Education;
  2. One of the drafting representatives of the Pan-Canadian University Credit Transfer Agreement and the signing school;
  3. The Diplomatic and Foreign Trade Personnel Training Institute-designated by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade;
  4. The main executive unit of the overseas education assistance project of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA);
  5. The average employment rate of graduates in the past five years has reached 96%, of which 81% are in line with their majors, making it the school with the highest employment rate in BC;
  6. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Higher Education of BC Province, the transfer acceptance rate of each major ranks first in almost all schools.

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