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Since its establishment, Anna University has become not only an important educational institution but also a professional center that promotes cooperation and exchanges between academia and industry. In view of Anna University’s academic success and track record, the Tamil Nadu government took another decision in 2001 to merge all technical colleges in the state under Anna University. All 235 self-financing engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu are affiliated with Anna University.
Due to the strong support of the government, the school has developed rapidly, with excellent facilities and important research funds. With 400,000 students, this school ranks second among Indian universities of engineering and technology. Known as India’s “Tsinghua University” and India’s “MIT”. The former director is the current Prime Minister of India – India’s “father of the atomic bomb” Salam. The current president, Professor Viswanathan, is a military expert and the president’s favorite student.

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Anna University has two campuses covering over 100 hectares. The school has over 400,000 students.  With his engineering background, his status in India is comparable to Tsinghua University in China. Anna University’s “India Study Abroad Program” is a brand new international cross-cultural exchange program. When choosing courses, the interests of students come first. Courses are taught by renowned faculty with international teaching and research experience. Earn Anna University MBA Degree Without Exams? Where can I get a master’s degree at Anna University?
It is the largest port city in South India. Chennai has a mild climate throughout the year, a stable political situation, a prosperous economy, and advanced technology. It is one of the top three IT centers in India. In 2005, Chennai’s IT technology service exports earned US$6.4 billion. Anna University will enable students to experience the perfect integration of best practices and modern education.