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How to order the AOU Fake Diploma? Where to Buy the AOU Fake Degree. Buy Arab Open University Fake Certificate. Buy AOU Fake Transcript. Prince Le (Chairman of the AOU Board of Directors) personally initiated it. The establishment of AOU aims to enhance and improve the level of higher education and continuing education in 9 countries in the Arab region, including the Middle East and North Africa, to meet the learning needs of people of different ages, genders, incomes, geographical locations and employment status.
AOU offers 11 certified degree majors, covering several major disciplines of business, computer, education and language learning. All programs adopt a flexible distance learning model and are guaranteed by OU for teaching quality. At present, AOU has more than 30,000 students registered in OU-certified degree programs. After completing their studies, they can obtain a dual degree from the Arab Open University (AOU) and The Open University (OU). To date, more than 48,000 students have received degrees awarded by OU, 56% of whom are women. Make a Brandon University Fake Degree.
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