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Over the years, the teaching quality of the school’s undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational courses has been excellent. It has first-class facilities, strong teaching staff and rich experience. Newport University of Wales has a total of 9,630 students, half of whom are full-time students. But it attracts students from all over the UK and more than 40 countries. It is a small and friendly school.
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A dynamic new university in the Northeast. The courses offered are wide-ranging and vary in level, from advanced national diplomas, undergraduate degrees, to master’s courses in teaching. Research opportunities up to PhD level are also available. The school has a long-standing tradition of ties with the business community, making the curriculum closely integrated with the requirements of employers. An integral part of many undergraduate courses also includes a period of work placement in the UK or abroad. The school has impressive academic achievements, and a large number of graduates and diploma holders have created successful performances on the world stage.
The school consists of 7 colleges, including the School of Education, the School of Humanities, the School of Art and Design, the School of Health and Social Sciences, the School of Business, CELT, CCLL, and the Golf School. Courses include basic courses, undergraduate, postgraduate, master and doctorate, flexible skills and practical training are important features of teaching.

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