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CIMA’s certification groups are mainly corporate accountants and managers. while developing their solid financial skills. Focus on improving their ability to participate in business management and strategic decision-making. Realize “financial support for strategic decision-making, strategy integrated into financial management”. CIMA is very different from other accounting professional bodies. It focuses on the training and development of management accountants.
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Enterprises should improve management and operation levels and establish substantial competitiveness. It is necessary to give full play to the functions and roles of management accounting. CIMA can help you become a veritable “management accountant”. This is very different from the accounting image of “Mr. Bookkeeper” in the popular concept. Due to the practicality and high-end nature of the CIMA qualification. 95% of the students studying CIMA are in-service staff and postgraduates with good work experience. The proportion of undergraduate students studying CIMA is very small. And many members who are certified by CIMA become more than just financial directors. CFO and other senior financial elites. Many people have been promoted to senior management positions such as project director, general manager, and CEO. Become a business leader.