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CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) is the fourth level in the Cambridge English Level 5 Certificate Examination designed by the Cambridge University Examination Committee in accordance with the language syllabus formulated by the European Commission. How do get Certificate in Advanced English online? Can I buy a CAE certificate? Order CAE certification. Corresponds to the C1 level in the CEFR Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English is second only to CEFR’s highest C2 level.
Cambridge cae is suitable for postgraduate examinations. CAE, developed by the Foreign Languages Examinations Department of the University of Cambridge, is the fourth-level certificate examination in the Cambridge General English Level 5 series of examinations. Candidates who pass this test already have the English skills needed for work and higher education in an English-speaking environment. The CAE exam fully reflects the candidate’s comprehensive language communication ability. In addition to the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The CAE exam also covers grammar and vocabulary, further enhancing the credibility of the results.

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It is particularly worth mentioning that the CAE oral exam is conducted by two examiners who communicate with candidates face to face. It is more accurate than the online oral test to reflect the real level of the candidate’s English use. Make a Cal State LA fake diploma.
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