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Unremittingly committed to the research and development of corporate financial management and strategic decision-making. Provides high-end financial professional qualification certification. CIMA qualification certification not only provides a basis for enterprises to measure and improve the quality and business level of financial management personnel. It also creates a platform for displaying strength and a path for personal development for senior financial personnel and management elites from all walks of life.
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Traditional financial accounting focuses on looking back. Perform the function of reflecting and reporting the business results and financial status of the enterprise; while management accounting focuses on the future. Perform the functions of forecasting, decision-making, planning, control, and assessment. After becoming a “management accountant”, he will never be limited to the traditional accounting image of “Mr. Bookkeeping”.
The overall business focus of CIMA Chartered Management Accountants is on 99% of its members and students who are engaged in commercial work. And not just accountants. This allows us to offer a new vocational qualification. It can not only focus on competition in business management but also based on strategic management accounting. Overall, more management is provided than any other UK accounting body. More management accounting, more project management, and more strategy.
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