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Cambridge International Examinations) was renamed (Cambridge Assessment International Education), referred to as (Cambridge International). The purpose of this name change is to show that Cambridge International Assessment, Cambridge English Assessment, and OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA) are all part of Cambridge Assessment, sharing educational expertise and resources. Where to buy Cambridge International Examinations certification, how much to buy CIE with.
Cambridge International added ‘education’ to the name after the name change – signaling a greater focus on helping the school provide students with a well-rounded education. Although the name has changed, Cambridge International’s assessment system still maintains the same high quality and high standards as before. Its relationship with the University of Cambridge also remains unchanged.

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Established in 1858, the Cambridge University Examinations Committee is responsible for the university’s public examinations, such as entrance examinations. In 1873, the examination committees of Cambridge University and Oxford University merged to form the Joint Board of Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board.
This committee is the predecessor of today’s examination committee. Afterward, the joint school committee continued to absorb the examination committees of other universities and was renamed the Southern Universities Joint Board (Southern Universities Joint Board) and (Midland Examining Group). From July 21, 2005, the department was renamed Cambridge Assessment (Cambridge Assessment).
Its task is to be responsible for issuing a large number of domestic and international examination questions and judging the answers. It is perhaps best known for accrediting the EFL, Cambridge University’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (EFL) qualification, as well as a wide range of other academic and professional accreditations. Cambridge University Examinations Boards do not administer exams within the University of Cambridge.
The Cambridge University Examinations Board is also one of the many assessment bodies in the world recognized by all governments. How to buy fake CIE certification, buy fake Cambridge International Examinations certificate. buy a fake certificate.