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What exactly is the point of getting a fake diploma?

How to buy fake diploma?
How to buy fake diploma?

In our understanding, high-achieving students from prestigious schools are a symbol of high IQ. So what do high-achieving students and high IQs mean? Why do so many people want to buy fake diploma, buy fake degrees, buy fake certificates, buy fake transcripts?

Good grades and a high IQ symbolize that your thinking has kept up with the pace of the times. It symbolizes that you have accumulated enough knowledge to deal with various emergencies. It symbolizes your eyesight and eyesight is not vegetation. Meaning your knowledge can support your ambitions. This means that the situation in your mind is not limited to one world.
As a Fortune 500 company. There is no need for a person whose thinking, vision, and situation cannot keep up with the changes of the times. Because even if you have the ability, you will be limited by your self-knowledge. Your knowledge or diploma determines the width or depth of your future world!

What is the point of buying a fake diploma?

about employment
When graduating every year, finding a job is a headache for graduates or their parents. Jobs are hard to find, and talent recruitment will be hard to squeeze. The recruitment of many enterprises (especially state agencies or enterprises) requires a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree or above. The following are not eligible. For example, many schools require a bachelor’s degree when recruiting logistics managers or experimenters. Some primary school teachers require a bachelor’s degree or above, and colleges and universities require a master’s or doctor’s degree. Usually at the base level. Many ideal job opportunities are lost due to diplomas.

Study abroad
With a bachelor’s degree, you can immediately go abroad to apply for a higher-level diploma. You will save a lot of money by not spending time abroad.

Title Evaluation
Today, almost all professional title assessments are linked to diplomas. When assessing senior professional titles, people with an associate degree usually have no chance. The executives and leaders of many companies are almost all senior titles. Without a senior professional title, many management opportunities will be lost.
The opportunity is in front of you, but you can’t grasp it. Most colleges and universities compete for middle-level leadership positions, such as department heads, which usually require a master’s or doctorate, and there is no chance for a bachelor’s degree. So, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, and buying certificates can give you multiple fair chances in this world.