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Founded in 1915, Victoria University (Victoria or “VU”) is a public applied university located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Get the Victoria University, Melbourne fake Diploma? Where to Buy the Victoria University, Melbourne fake Degree? How to Buy VU Fake Certificate, order Vic Uni Fake Transcript. Buy Victorian Diplomas in Australia.
Victoria University is one of only seven universities in Australia to receive a five-star rating from the Council of the Australian Graduate Association for its facilities.
The predecessor of Victoria University was the Footscray Technical School, which was established in 1916, and later merged with the Vocational and Technical Education College in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Victoria University was formally established in 1990. The school is a dynamic multicultural application-oriented university. It is one of five universities in Australia that provide vocational education and higher education (undergraduate and postgraduate education).

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Victoria University is the only school in Australia to offer problem-based or project-based learning models for engineering students. This is the first school in Australia to receive a 3-star hairdressing award. The school’s leading courses include: information systems, tourism and hospitality, sports science and training, multimedia and hairdressing. All courses at the school can be divided into 11 areas. Courses are regularly assessed by a team of industry elites and community experts. Ensure courses meet the latest industry requirements.
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