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In 1991, at the initiative of Hon. Mike Rann MP, Minister for Employment and Further Education of South Australia. The University of South Australia was established as a result of the merger of the South Australian Institute of Higher Education in 1856 and the South Australian Institute of Technology established in 1889. The school is listed as a top Australian university by the Higher Education Quality Assurance Committee (CQAHE) designated by the Australian government. It is the largest university in South Australia, with a total of nearly 32,000 students, of which 9,000 international students come from more than 80 overseas countries. With undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses, it offers 290 internationally recognized degree programs.

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South Australia’s universities are not only among the best in the world’s authoritative rankings but also award-winning. And also gave birth to three well-known scholars who won the Nobel Prize. South Australia has always maintained a policy of proactively supporting overseas students. Provide students with a variety of caring services, exempting overseas students from many worries. As for the school, in addition to teaching, it also provides students with many opportunities to enter the real relevant fields to gain practical experience.
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