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Financial Services Association of Australia (FINSIA) is the financial services association of Australia and New Zealand.
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Finsia is a local membership organization for the financial services industry in Australia and New Zealand, with practitioners in the financial services industry as the main body.
The association was formed in 2005 from the merger of the Australian Banking and Finance Association, established in 1886, and the Australian Securities Association.
Currently, the association has nearly 18,000 practicing members. The association implements a graded membership system. The evaluation will be based on factors such as academic qualifications recognized by the association, work experience recognized by the association, the applicant’s contribution to the financial services industry, and the applicant’s contribution to the development of the association. Low-level members can apply to the association for membership upgrades based on their personal circumstances. Among them, senior members and life members are honorary members.

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In August 2007, the association realized that only universities and other institutions could better adapt to the increasingly diversified education and training needs of the industry, so it sold this part of the business to Kaplan Inc., a well-known Australian training company. This allows the association to focus its efforts on professional development, policy development, and advocacy efforts.
Finsia’s Master of Business in Finance (MBA) program is its first master’s program in the field of finance. This course helps students understand the operations of various financial institutions and the impact of financial markets. The course covers areas such as management, finance, and markets. Students will also gain knowledge about financial risks, capital markets, and global financial trends. After graduating from this program, students can find their ideal finance career. Get Finsia’s fake transcript online quickly.

The Financial Services Association of Australia and New Zealand strives to be one of the premier associations for the global financial services industry.